Airborne Flight Services Using NGIT's Fast High Resolution Gimbaled Imaging System aboard Cessna 172. ------------ One week of mapping data acquisition service starting at:


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Cost is based 4 hrs/day, 5 days/week air time. Actual air time is weather dependent and case to case based.  Data processing is optional. Please contact us for availability. 

Gimballed Fast Area Mapping Services


1. NGIT provides a 7-step across track multi-shot imaging for simultaneous high resolution and wide area mapping, e.g. providing a 3km imaging swathwidth (>30,000 pixels) for a <10cm GSD by a single flypass. All its aerial image frames are geo-registered for immediate Google Earth applications.


2. NGIT provides software processing service that registers its multi-step across track multi-shot images from a single flypass into its own geo-spatial accurate photo mosaic (North Up default). This kind of mosaic can be stitched with hundreds of frames. It is desired for hardcopy and large format display presentations.

Gimballed Fast Stereo Mapping Service


EO/IR multi-sensing services


NGIT's IR sensors are leased and need to be arranged ahead of services. Please contact us for schedule and availability. 

Emergent response & search and rescue


NGIT's  resolution enhanced fast wide area coverage is easily adaptable for effective and efficient emergent response &  search and rescue missions. The  spatial resolution of our multi-sensing system can be enhanced to a <3cm GSD from a 10kft AGL for challenge object searching over a wide area. 

Corridor remote sensing with adaptive gimbal geo-pointing


NGIT's  gimballed imaging systems allow adaptable geo-pointing designed for various corridor remote sensing tasks, including river corridor, pipeline,  powerline, and other land, border, onshore and offshore corridor features.  

Custom Applications/Services

NGIT may support application development or custom services, such as Border Protection, Offshore Oil Field Protection, Fish School Detection using manned or unmanned platforms.